23.08.2018: KRAUCK-SYSTEMS is breaking new ground in construction site communication.

“Speed is the difference between good and excellent services” – according to this motto, KRAUCK-SYSTEMS has sought and developed a solution to be even faster with the KRAUCK-SYSTEMS project control service (KS-Real PM/PKMS) on-site (the construction site), without having to be personally present by a technician all the time. 

With the “mobile online construction site coordination system” not only a permanent online site presence is achieved by the KRAUCK-SYSTEMS project control help desk team, but the way and time, which is usually necessary to bring an exchange or detailed plan to the construction site, will be massively shortened.

Besides, on-site contractors have now constantly the opportunity to retrieve detailed information of a project from the KRAUCK-SYSTEMS real-data construction site model and to connect directly with KRAUCK-SYSTEMS in a simple way from anywhere in the world, where there is an Internet connection. 

KRAUCK-SYSTEMS – Austria’s Born Global Champion 2017 – specializes in planning and project management of major construction projects. With the cost-effective KS-plan test, any planning errors and collisions between the executing trades, which usually occur during the execution and can lead to massive additional costs and delays, can be identified in advance and can therefore be remedied cost-effectively and without much additional effort during the planning phase. 

If KRAUCK-SYSTEMS is integrated in the project control of a project from the first draft planning onwards, in addition to the obligatory plan check, the mass determination, which is unavoidable for the determination of the project costs, is also part of the project control service of KRAUCK-SYSTEMS.

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