Krauck Systems is the leading international company encouraging conflict-free engineering. 

Krauck Systems offers:


Protection against cost overruns and time delays
Avoidance of time- and cost-intensive conflicts (claims)
Conservation of resources and economics profit for all involved parties
Real data for marketing
Correct inventory data for facility management
Full transparency
Taking over of responsibilities for conflict-free project processing

Krauck Systems enables all this through:


 Our self-developed software- and system- solutions for each project phase
 Our unique clearing- and project-coordination-system
 Coordination of data and plans from all specialist fields already before start of construction

Profit from 25 years of experience and extraordinary technologies applied to over 250 projects featuring 108 million square feet construction area - from now on cost overruns, missed deadlines and quality failures triggered by conflicting plans in your projects are a thing of the past!

Krauck Systems already visualizes the construction site at its different stages- like in a time lapse -during the planning phase. Thus, at a due clearing, conflicts are recognized in time for the benefit of all involved parties.

Cost- and time-intensive problems during the construction phase are prevented.

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