What is the difference?

The difference in the complete projectphase.
The difference in the construction process


Krauck Systems secures in writing as responsible integrator trade-spanning alignment, completness and conformity of specifications of all planner's draft contents. 

This is enabled by the technologies of Krauck Systems, established since 25 years. (realistic data system software, Krauck Systems-datawall, central Krauck Systems-model and project coordination system)

Thus the site is realized in a time-lapse already during the planning phase and conflicts concerning the construction sequence can be eliminated in time, before the assignement of construction services. ss

Due to the so generated transparency the decisional and planning quality is increased and the project run time is minimized through the reduction of conflicts and failures.

Further the quality and economic efficiency of all services during the whole lifecycle of a building is increased by the realistic and conflict-free project data.

Krauck Systems is suitable for whom?

The solutions of Krauck Systems are suitable for anyone who has to take responsibility for the success of a project and hasn't been able to realize this to the requested extent before.

Who benefits from Krauck systems?


Building owners and Investors through decision basics as well as process controls in all project phases

Architects and technical planners throught prevention and in-time cognition of draft contentual conflicts for all crafts

Operators of realized objects trough realistic and CAFM-conform inventory documents and operating data

How does Krauck Systems become integrated?

In addition to and in cooperation with the existing participants Krauck Systems accepts responsibility for the permanent integration of all interim and end results. Thus the problem areas ascertained by Krauck Systems will be demonstrated to the involved parties in a positive way revealing the consequences on the whole project. The complete problem elimination is supervized and documented for the advantage of everyone.

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