Krauck Systems consists, together with its partners, of an innovative team of specialists with a long-term experience.

A pool of over 250 experienced CAD-specialists, engineers, graduates engineers and technical academics of many different fields guarantees sufficiant capacities at our disposal to transact most different projects. Moreover Krauck system has a short-term callable network of over 2.000 highly qualified specialists.

Our company target is the prevention of cost overruns and missed deadlines during construction projects of all branches with the help of the technologies and services of Krauck Systems.

All system solutions have been developed on a basis of practice-related tasks and challenges and have been applied to several successfully transacted international projects.

Therewith we support companies on a national and international level how to successfully transact great construction and facility projects conflict-free, within the time schedules and particularly without any cost overruns.

We are looking forward to cooperate with you in future projects and rely on the satisfaction of our customers on consideration of the successes we have achieved together!


Krauck Systems grants licences to companies worldwide.
The following advantages herewith result for the licence partner:

 Expansion of the own business fields
 Contrast against the market
 Application of the global network



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